For those of us who use primarily artificials in the surf, a fun question to ask is: "if you could use only six lures for the whole season, which six would you put in your bag?" Below are my choices.
David's Picks
bomber photo Bomber A-Salt (5 3/4", 1 oz, Purple/Black) This is a superb night time swimmer. The only times you can't use it are in strong current or a wind that won't let you cast. Just retrieve very, very slowly with no action and wham!
gibbs photo Gibbs Pencil Popper (1-2 oz, Yellow - Red Head) At first light or sunset, a terrific Striper plug and one of the most fun to work and receive a big hit on. It's also great for casting distances. Medium retrieve with a vigorous popping action. White is also very productive.
jumpin minnow photo Rebel Jumpin' Minnow (4 1/2", 1/2 oz, Bone) A very easy popper to use and it's like candy to both small and big Stripers. The bone color works at false dawn and dusk as well as full sunlight. Put on stronger trebles.
kastmaster photo Acme Kastmaster - Single hook bucktail (1-2 oz, Chrome/Blue) If you only put one tin in your bag, this is the one. Day, night, wind - doesn't matter - it always works. Only use chrome/blue with bucktail.
netters lance photo Netters Lead-Head Lance (6", 1/2 oz) This is a great sand-eel look-alike. I've caught schoolies to 25 lb Stripers with these. It has a strong 2/0 hook. Ice Blue for daylight and white for night.
stetzko photo Stetzko Lures Needle Fish (7", 1 3/4 oz, Purple/Black or Black Scale) This wooden needle stays just a few inches below the surface. Black or blurple at night and white at dusk or sunrise; retrieve either slow, very slow or very, very slow. Also, try it with a dropper-teaser.